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Charging electricity is made easy with the Travelcard charging keychain

The Travelcard charging keychain is an essential part of charging your electric vehicle fleet.


Our charging keychain for charging electric cars is supplied along with the fuel card. By doing so, Travelcard provides additional convenience for the drivers of electric cars. If it easier for them to have their identifier for starting and stopping charging sessions right there with their car keys. Having to take out a card can be a hassle, especially because many electric car drivers engage in multiple charging sessions each day. The charging keychain is accepted by all public charging stations in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as an ever-increasing number of stations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Of course, you can also link the charging keychain to your own home or office charging station. For electric car drivers, refuelling petrol or diesel or washing a car are less frequent occurrences, for which our fuel card will of course remain available.


How do I request a charging keychain?

As a new client, simply check the ‘Charge electricity’ box on the application form for the desired license plate.

If you are an existing Travelcard client, you can have the ‘Charge electricity’ option added to your contract by sending an email to, with your request and your contract number.

What are the costs of electric charging?

When using the charging keychain, you are charged the rates that the particular individual charging station maintains, same as with the Travelcard fuel card. For an overview of charging rates, please consult our ‘charging rates overview’.

Fastned & systems for home charging

You can also charge using Fastned fast chargers and register for home charging with the Travelcard charging keychain. You can register in two ways, either by providing the card number on the fuel card (the number starting with 306004), or via the unique code on the back of the charging keychain.

The charging keychains work automatically with TheNewMotion; for Fastned, you first have to register with your charging keychain via the Fastned app or via

You can also use the charging keychain on the entire public network throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Drivers of (semi) electric cars are given this keychain along with their fuel card. When a new fuel card is requested for an electric vehicle, the corresponding charging keychain is automatically sent along separately from the fuel card.

What are costs of electric charging?

Charging is not for free. Depending on the supplier of the charging location you need to pay per kWH or/and per minute. Often a starting fee is applied. See our overview of charging rates per supplier.


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