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While the insides of the cars in your vehicle fleet receive your full attention, the outsides are often forgotten. Drivers often don’t have time to get a carwash or do not feel like advancing the money for the carwash. But matters will be different thanks to Travelcard’s fuel card, which will let you get your cars washed!

Pay for carwash with our fuel card

Your employees will love the convenience of the Carwash module: they will be able to pay for a carwash at around 1,100 filling stations and other independent washing locations using the Travelcard fuel card. There will be no more need for your employees to advance the costs of a carwash or go at it with soap and a sponge themselves.


This results in a lot of added value for your company: clean cars that will be properly representative of your company.

Carwash is a standard feature of every fuel card

Paying for carwash is a standard fuel card feature. This feature is free of charge and can also be turned off for each individual fuel card by the vehicle fleet manager by logging in on our website – free of charge! Moreover, you do not need to replace fuel cards to change their carwash settings; you can simply turn the feature on and off on the existing cards.


See our total overview of carwash locations

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You can use our fuelcard everywhere

refuel, wash your car, maintenance and more!