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Dynamische tankpas

Send your people to the cheapest filling station

The Plus module offers you the unique opportunity to directly influence your drivers’ refuelling behaviour. This allows you to save a lot of money annually, namely an average of around 150 euros per license plate.


How does it work?

You can specify for each fuel card, license plate, driver, department, or company where they are allowed to refuel, quickly and easily via the Internet. You can choose from the following options:


Allowing certain types of stations (such as unmanned stations)

Allowing only one brand or a combination of several brands

A combination of several types and brands

You can also set the following usage limits for each fuel card:


The maximum amount to be spent per day or per week

Which products are permitted

You do not need to obtain new cards to get these settings to work; everything is processed and taken care of online.

Our clear overview of types of filling stations and filling station companies as well as the corresponding market share allows you to see what the effect of allowing certain filling stations will be on the overall ease of use.

Did you know that…

There are only 200 filling stations located alongside motorways in the Netherlands…


Which is only 5% of the total number of filling stations…


And thus, blocking motorway stations does not reduce your fuel card’s ease of use whatsoever…


And will let you save up to 150 euros per vehicle each year.

You can use our fuelcard everywhere

refuel, wash your car, maintenance and more!