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Brandstof kosten besparen

The advantages of Fuel Cost Saving


Saves an average of 240 euros per car each year

Offers the driver maximum freedom in choosing filling stations. Our filling station locator helps you find the cheapest station while you are on the road.

Limits the fleet manager’s workload

Informs the driver immediately if a filled-out mileage number is illogical, and then gives them the option of validating it.

Offers immediate insight into the vehicle fleet’s CO2 emissions.

Offers the possibility to have drivers share in the savings they are helping to achieve, by letting them save up credits that can be exchanged for products in the store.

Makes all up-to-date savings information available.

Increases employee satisfaction levels.

Stimulates calmer driving behaviour and as such helps minimise the burden placed on the vehicle, the driver, and the environment.

You can use our fuelcard everywhere

refuel, wash your car, maintenance and more!