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Pay for maintenance with the fuelcard

With Travelcard, you can choose to add a KwikFit quick maintenance subscription, and you can also pay for full large-scale maintenance jobs at over 100 Vakgarage Professional branches using our fuel card.

Fit-to-Go service at KwikFit

There is no way to predict when drivers will need an engine oil top-up or need to have a broken light replaced. As such, small maintenance expenses are hard to manage. However, there is a way to manage them and even reduce them greatly – namely by using Fit-to-Go, the most complete service at the lowest rates! A service that provides you and your drivers with unlimited, optimal convenience, for a mere € 1.45 per vehicle per month. This subscription fee also includes labour and equipment costs.

Complete service for small-scale maintenance

Fit-to-Go is the most complete service for small-scale maintenance. With this subscription, drivers are entitled to the following maintenance work at KwikFit:

Replacing broken lights (excluding xenon and LED)

Topping up engine oil

Topping up engine coolant

Topping up windshield washing fluid

Repairing a flat tyre

Checking your tyre pressure

Checking the brakes

Checking the air conditioning

Checking the windshield for damage

Checking the battery


Cost reduction

Topping up engine oil and replacing broken lights alone amounts to € 40 per corporate car each year. As such, Fit-to-Go allows you to save considerably on maintenance expenses. On top of that, there is the advantage of administrative efficiency. You will only receive one small-scale maintenance invoice for each license plate. You will no longer have to sort through tons of separate invoices for various separate maintenance jobs.


Better for the car and for the environment

Travelcard fuel cardholders are entitled to an exclusive low price of € 17.40 per license plate per year for the most complete small-scale maintenance service. As such, Fit-to-Go provides an immediate advantage, but Fit-to-Go is also more economical in the long term, because all of the vehicles’ vital features are checked regularly. For example, proper tyre pressure maintenance results in fuel cost reduction and benefits the environment, and proper engine oil levels help prevent severe damage to the engine and expensive repairs.


Convenient for drivers

Your drivers will also profit from Fit-to-Go’s convenience. KwikFit will perform unlimited maintenance for them six days a week when shown the drivers’ Travelcard fuel cards. And your drivers will always be near to a KwikFit, because there are over 180 branches in the Netherlands.


Subscriptions are linked to the corresponding license plates. Tough maintenance jobs are performed quickly and skilfully by KwikFit’s specialists. It couldn’t be easier!

Do you want a pit team of your own? Get one now!

The KwikFit Nederland B.V. Terms and Conditions apply to Fit-to-Go. Ordering Fit-to-Go constitutes your agreement to these terms and conditions.

A special provision to these Terms and Conditions is that in addition to the definition of ‘Client’ given in Article 1, ‘Client’ also includes legal entitles and persons acting within the framework of exercising a profession or business.


Pay for maintenance using your fuel card at Vakgarage

If you need some small-scale maintenance performed on your car or need the tyres to be replaced, you can use your fuel card to be serviced at over 100 Vakgarage Professional branches. Thanks to paying for maintenance with your fuel card, your vehicle fleet’s maintenance expenses are listed on the same invoice as your fuel expenses. Your maintenance expenses are also included in the reports you can request via our website. To make an appointment at a Vakgarage Professional branch, please visit the Vakgarage website van Vakgarage.

You can use our fuelcard everywhere

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