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Use your fuelcard for parking

Easy parking with Yellowbrick, Q-Park & P1

The possibility to park in the street in more than 160 cities via Yellowbrick and in Q-Park parking garages and all Q-Park P+R parking areas is a new feature for users of our fuel card.

Our collaboration with Yellowbrick and Q-Park allows us to offer you nationwide parking services, similar to the nationwide refuelling services we already provide. Both refuelling expenses and parking expenses end up on the same collective invoice: very convenient for your administration and your VAT refunds.

 Manage your parking options immediately and free-of-charge

You do not need a new fuel card and as such will not have to pay extra to activate your fuel card for parking. You can add this parking option to your fuel card yourself online. All you have to do is log in on the Travelcard website by visiting the login page, go to the ‘Set products and usage limits’, and turn on the product called ‘parking’. You will be able to use the service straight away after that.

How does parking with Yellowbrick work?

After you activate the ‘parking’ product via the Travelcard website (and after a maximum processing period of 1 hour), you can activate Yellowbrick parking via the app; simply download the free Yellowbrick app onto your phone (iPhone, Android and Windows), click on ‘Become a client’, activate your fuel card, and the rest is self-explanatory.

How does parking with Q-Park work (parking garages and P+R areas)?

At Q-Park parking garages and P+R parking areas, you can use the Travelcard fuel card to directly operate the boom gate. Simply stick your fuel card in the card reader at the entrance to open the boom gate, and then do so again when you leave the parking garage or P+R parking area. You will no longer need to buy paper tickets.


View our video explaining the use of the fuel card in Q-Park parking garages. To find the nearest location where you canpark using the fuelcard use our free online locator for smartphones.


You can use our fuelcard everywhere

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