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Almere, The Netherlands, 15 April 2021 –


Fuel card provider Travelcard is the first to cross the boundary of over quarter of a million European access points. Users of the fuel card can travel seamlessly through Europe and use one payment method for all their needs on the journey. Use of electric vehicles has seen a large uplift in recent years, not only across the Netherlands, but also in the surrounding countries. Until recently business travelers with an electric vehicle felt they had to stay within in borders of the Netherlands, or risk running out of charge on their journey. However, with the expansion of the network Travelcard users are now able to travel throughout Europe, from the UK to Poland and Sweden to Italy without any constraints.


Austria and Switzerland

Last month Travelcard further expanded its reach, providing its users the largest fuel and charging network in Europe. Most recently the network has grown by including 9.200 new access points from the Green Motion, and Wien Energie in Austria and Switzerland. “In Europe we now offer 195,000 charging points, of which 70,000 are in the Netherlands” says Michael de Groot, Managing director of Travelcard. “Prior to this amazing achievement, users who travelled using traditional fuels already had access to the largest fuel network. Now the EV user can also access the charging networks throughout Europe. Whether it be a business trip to Germany or on holiday with family to southern France you can be sure that there is always a charging point during your journey with Travelcard.” With these developments we eliminate the need to travel with multiple different charging tags for different networks outside of the country. “Travelcard provides access to all the charging networks with one card” explains de Groot.


Travelcard app points you in the right direction

Alongside the fuel card, Travelcard provides its customers with their free to use app. Which allows its users to simply view the location of all 195.000 charging points and 55.000 petrol stations in one place or find the nearest access point to their current location.  EV users can travel carefree across the Netherlands but also the whole of Europe.


About Travelcard

Travelcard was established in 1986 and is the market leader in fuel and charging cards for business users. In their extensive repertoire of clients they boast large fleet owners and several lease companies; the SME market is also catered for through their other brand Travelcard has access the European network of over 195.000 charging points and 55.000 petrol stations. Furthermore, the card can be used to pay for extra services such as carwash (1.300 accept travelcard), 200 parking garages and to pay for the costs of services and reparations at Vakgrage and Kwikfit. In the Netherlands more than 350.000 users take advantage daily of Travelcard and its services.

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