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Prepaid fuelcard

Prepaid fuel card as an incentive or for temporary staff

The Travelcard is not just exceedingly convenient as a fuel card; you can also turn it into an appealing incentive by opting for a Prepaid Fuel Card. This practical card can also be used for staff members who are only going to be in your employ temporarily.


If you are looking to offer your clients a nice gift or are looking for a contemporary way to boost sales, consider our Prepaid Fuel Card. You get to set the limit of how much the user can spend on fuel or carwash yourself, and the card does not have a charging chip, meaning that the remaining credit is not lost if the card is lost. After the credit has been used up, the card can no longer be used.


The advantages:


Can be used for temporary drivers as well.

You decide which product(s) can be purchased.

The Prepaid Fuel Card can be equipped with a logo and/or company slogan.

No unnecessary administrative hassle: the card’s prepaid credit is invoiced in one go.

The Prepaid Fuel Card can be formatted in accordance with your corporate identity.

If you own a Prepaid fuel card and want to find out what the remaining balance on the card is, please go to our ‘Request prepaid credit balance’ page.

You can use our fuelcard everywhere

refuel, wash your car, maintenance and more!